Pipes 1.1.2

Join the pipes in this puzzler


  • No thrills


  • You might get a little bored of it


If you don't know about pipe games yet then welcome to a whole new world of puzzle. There are several of these games around and they differ quite a lot.
Some have plumbers, others use fireworks. However the basic format always remains the same. And it does here too, just without any of the extra padding.

Whereas other pipe games base the action around a central figure or location, Pipes (even the title is unflashy) is happy to just give you the game: One black screen and several red and green pipes, and leave you to get on with it.
To play you must rearrange all the scattered pieces of piping by rotating them with a simple click. Once all the pieces are joined the pipe is repaired and you go on to the next level.

Rotate the pipe segments to connect all the pieces. Features a resizable board, randomly generated puzzles, and auto save and resume. Easy to learn.

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Pipes 1.1.2

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